A Wonderful Holiday

We have arrived home feeling very refreshed and relaxed.  We really enjoyed the casual rhythm of our days and really enjoyed spending all that time together.  Most days were taken up with visits to the beach, the pool and the gardens around the resort.  The beach has black coarse sand which is still fun to pile on top of each other and make sandcastles with. Eva walked really well on the beach and in the water.  I thought that she would have more difficulty with the uneven surface but she surprised us.

In the big pool she really just prefers to walk in the shallow end, climb out and up any steps.  The pull of walking is far greater than any fun had in the deep water.  She loves to do it by herself but is happy to hold our hands for the tricky stuff.  There was a waterslide at the pool which Eva had much fun sliding down with mama and dada. She has a gorgeous smile when she lands at the bottom.  We did manage to do some practice of her swimming lesson techniques but with the water being much cooler than the water she swims in at home she wasn’t so keen.  Several people commented on her ability to go underwater so happily.

We enjoyed walks to the local shopping centre and around the resort grounds.   Watching her wander around the grounds was so cute. She just loves exploring and pulling apart the manicured gardens in order to check the different leaf types.  Any stairs found were just a huge bonus for her.  Climbing is just so much fun.  Andrew took us on a short trip on a Catamaran.  Eva wasn’t so keen but looked so cute in her tiny lifejacket.

Of course the food was delicious and plentiful.  We have been really enjoying the meals with buffet breakfast a highlight of course.  Three nights we used the babysitting services (just $5/hour) and took ourselves out to lovely dinners.  How nice it was to have a conversation with each other not interrupted by food being thrown from the neighbouring high chair!

I really enjoyed the week of co-parenting and it provided Andrew and I opportunity to make sure that we are on the same page in dealing with the “rising to toddlerhood” behaviours Eva has begun.  This cute little girl is having some terror moments which Daddy got to witness more of spending 24 hours a day with her for 7 days.  Not being able to communicate her desires is becoming increasingly frustrating to Eva and we have certainly hit the tantrum stage.

We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful holiday and look forward to this post-holiday feeling for as long as possible!

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