Compostable Disposables

On our recent holiday we chose not to take our lovely cloth nappies but instead to use disposable nappies for a week.  I began looking into disposable options having previously used Bambo and Nature Babycare.

I found a great comparison table at which told me that the Eenee compostable nappy was plastic free, compostable and made in Australia.  I was excited to find such a product and went to their own website to check it out,

Eenee Compostables are made from:

  • Cornstarch plastic (100% biodegradable) for waterproofing and breathability benefits.
  • Regenerated cellulose for the inner liner (100% biodegradable)
  • Absorbent fluff pulp from farmed plantation timber
  • Absorbent gel (water storage granules)
  • And have no plastic to contaminate the compost

The re-useable & washable gripper belt is made from a low profile Velcro style material on a soft stretchy material.

Eenee Compostables look and work like any other disposable nappy except that a gripper belt is used to secure the nappy instead of plastic side tabs.  The gripper belt did take some practice to get used to but once we worked out where it needed to be placed on the nappy it was fine.  Eva didn’t even try to undo it!  I admit they did start decomposing on Eva with overnight use but it was just a bit of fluff and caused her no bother.  No redness or signs of nappy rash the whole week. They are comparable in price to other eco disposables.

They can only be composted in commercial facilities so obviously we didn’t do the composting on holiday but I did feel better that they would actually decompose in the landfill a lot quicker than other disposables.  Here in Melbourne there is a company who deliver the nappies along with a specially designed 240L bin and then collect the bin for commercial composting every 4 weeks.  How easy is that?

It will not make me give up our great cloth nappies but it was great to have a disposable option that is less toxic to Eva and the environment.


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