It’s All Good

That’s what Dr Dan said at the conclusion of yesterday’s appointment.  Dr Dan is the neonatologist that Eva sees for follow up.  He is delightful and very down to earth.  Andrew was able to come with us yesterday so that was great.

The big news is that Eva now weighs 9.53kg!  I really like these scales as they give a much better number than the local maternal and child health clinic ones.  That means that she put on her birth weight in the past 4 months.  I am thinking that we no longer need to go to the health clinic for reviews when the scales only give me grief!  Everyone had been commenting on how big so was getting  but I just didn’t let myself believe it.  Maybe at the next weigh-in Eva will be in double figures which may be worth an Aunty Ali cake as celebration. I guess our last month of lots of avocado and nut butters has helped maybe along with me relaxing a little.  All the swimming and consequent eating in Fiji may have helped too.

Eva’s weight is near the 10th centile and unsurprisingly her height and head circumference is in the 25th centile.  She is out of proportion which I know from her clothes where she needs the height but not the width.

Overall Dr Dan is very impressed with her developmental progress for a 25-weeker. He reassured us that next Winter will be much easier with less viral infections to contend with.  As he checked her over he found her ears and throat to be red and her glands to be swollen so along with her runny nose and slightly gooey eyes we have another viral illness right now.  He agrees that her persistent dry cough and occasional wheezing that comes with each virus is asthma but wonders if the trauma of administering an inhaler via a spacer is worth it when she doesn’t really suffer from major breathlessness.  As usual she was a very good patient allowing him to examine her without complaint. I know this question can’t last forever but it does make us wonder if that is from her personality or from her constant medical examination for the first 3 months of her life.

Dr Dan was delighted to see her walking and babbling for the whole visit.  He said that currently there are no signs of any developmental delay but that there may be signs in the future as she heads to school but it looks to be unlikely.  We can look forward to more words in the upcoming months.  We had a big chat about eczema which is really bothering Eva at the moment.  Although we have always been lathering her with moisturiser he suggested oil in the bath nightly which is what we used to do when she was in her baby bath.

Overall it was a great appointment with lots of positive outcomes.


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