Oh I Love Weddings

Our friends Bridget and Ryan tied the knot on Saturday.    It was a beautiful ceremony with tears of joy from both the bride and groom.  Eva did enjoy the stairs to the choir loft and climbing on the pews. Yes she was “that child” in the church who moved constantly and chatted inappropriately!

Andrew was busy taking photographs for the happy couple.  We were very fortunate to have my mum over from Canberra to look after Eva for the afternoon so when the bridal party went to the gardens of Loreto College (my old school) to take photos we didn’t have a small person to follow around!

We enjoyed a cocktail reception near the beach during which Andrew had to repeatedly listen to AFL Grand Final score updates on a pocket radio.  For the last few minutes I walked him further away from the reception as the pressure of an imminent draw was building.  Now he gets to watch it all over again next week!

We were home and tired in the evening with Andrew already working on his photos.  Poor Mum and Grandma had a busy afternoon with Eva as she declined an afternoon sleep after a power nap in the car!  Still I think that they enjoyed their time with her immensely.


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