Molars & Daylight Savings

Eva has been cutting her molars this past week. This morning she was so sad and wouldn’t let me go. I sat on the lounge with her and rubbed her sore gums for a while.  This was so relaxing that she started to close her eyes.  Seeing as she was awake early at 6am this morning (can’t wait for daylight savings) I thought that she might like a short sleep.  I put her down on the lounge and covered her with a blanket.  I expected her to hop straight up and get busy again.  However when left to herself she snuggled up and enjoyed the novelty of lying on the lounge and fell asleep without sleepy teddy to snuggle with!  She must have needed to catch up.  We both felt very refreshed after the rest.

I really think that cutting teeth is just the worst thing and makes everyone so sad and grumpy in this house.  At least they are through now.  Only a few more mornings until our clocks are turned back and we can look forward to a return to Eva’s pleasant wake up time of 7-7.30. How do you people without daylight savings manage?


One thought on “Molars & Daylight Savings

  1. exactly!! (re. daylight savings) and people here complain about the idea of trying to put their kids to bed in the evening if we have daylight savings – do they not understand the fact that kids wake up with the sun!! I am dreading the next 4-5 months of very very early waking up…..
    oh for daylight savings…
    I am glad Eva’s teeth have cut through now though. Hope she is a happy little toddler now.

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