Our Babywearing Options

Right from the start we knew that we wanted to frequently “wear” Eva.  A big part of her hospital stay was daily Kangaroo Care with either mama or dada where she would contentedly snuggle into our chest for a couple of hours.  How could we deny her this once we got home?  Using the Kari-Me fabric baby carrier we were able to keep her snug and cosy next to us whenever she needed.  We chose this type of carrier as she could fit in it straight away whereas she had to grow bigger to fit into others.  Also the Kari-Me had a great upright position to mimic the Kangaroo Care position.  Hug-a-bub seems to be the Australian equivalent.

I used the Kari-Me frequently during the day and night for the first few months.  It was an essential item.  The broad fabric across the shoulders and hips meant that it was very comfortable.   The tying took a short while to learn in front of a mirror using a teddy bear.  Eva’s first journey out of our house was in the Kari-Me, it was nice to have her so close.  The Kari-Me has been fantastic for all travel, particularly in airports.  It means that I have my hands free and no stroller to worry about.  The most practical part that I like about babywearing is not having to avoid stairs (like with a stroller), especially great when traveling.  We have visited many a museum and enjoyed many a church service with Eva quietly asleep in the Kari-Me, so easy.  We continue to wear Eva at least weekly.  Babywearing regularly means that your muscles build up and you get used to the weight so with the right carrier even a large toddler feels comfortable.

We tried the Baby Bjorn but we didn’t find it very comfortable on the shoulders after the soft, broad fabric that we were used to.  Also the minimum weight is 3.5kg which Eva didn’t achieve until after 2 months at home.  Also this type of carrier puts a lot of pressure on the spine and hips as the baby dangles in from the crotch (like wearing a parachute harness) as opposed to a sling that keeps the baby in a “frog” or seated position which adheres to the natural curves of the spine and it potentially much more comfortable.

Recently we purchased a new carrier that we are both very pleased with, the Boba.  It was time to be wearing Eva on our back more and we needed something easy and comfortable to do that with.  The Kari-Me is quite stretchy material which isn’t as supportive for higher weights (although it does go to 15kg) and it requires 2 people to safely put the child on your back.  The Boba is easy and comfortable and has Eva in a seated position and even has foot straps to support her legs.  We can easily get her on and off on our own.  Eva seems to really enjoy it.  It has been great with her walking more as I just strap it on and then put her in when she has walked enough.  I have even enjoyed shopping at the markets with a pull along trolley with her happily on my back.


We have always found wearing Eva to be practical, cosy and easy.  We hope to continue wearing her as she gets bigger.


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