Your Prayers Please

Today I have heard from our friend Bridget that her sister-in-law, Juarne, has gone into pre-term labour at 26 weeks 2 days gestation in Adelaide.  Juarne is currently fully dilated, on bed rest with contractions on and off.  Their baby is looking healthy and about 1kg (a very good weight) on the scan.  Juarne has had both doses of steroids to help mature the baby’s lungs which is great.

All that is left is sitting and waiting and lots of prayers and positive thoughts.

Please pray for Juarne, Luke, Baby Reynolds and their family members.

My mind has been racing today thinking of what Juarne and Luke are going through and how similar it is to our story.  It has affected both Andrew and I today reflecting on this experience with our beautiful Eva.  Eva is 23 months old today.  Reflecting on us living through this 23 months ago makes me realise that it is still raw.  Juarne was a dedicated reader of this blog daily so I can only hope that knowledge of our journey is helping her right now.

Please send prayers for this beautiful baby now.  Thank you.


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