Freedom comes with a Gate

Odd isn’t it that I would consider a gate giving me some freedom.  Eva just loves being outdoors which is great and fun (when the sun is shining).  Since she has been a walker she loves the thought of being outside roaming.  We have lovely neighbours and live in a cul-de-sac so the road is relatively quiet.  Even if we start in the backyard Eva is down the driveway like a shot desperate to get to the big wide world.  This means that I have got to know the houses with great front fences to climb, steps to attract her attention, gates with dogs behind them and gardens with pebbles to pick up and throw.  The tricky thing is the gutter is just her favourite place to hang out because it is a step that she can do without holding onto anyone or anything and Eva just loves steps.  While I love that she is exploring the world and being adventurous I would like to get more than 3 pieces of washing hung on the line at a time.  Hence the gate.

Today we had a gate installed on the driveway to define our back and front yards.  This means that when we need to we can be in the backyard with Eva and know that she is unable to escape.  Today I even planted some plants in the vegetable garden while she pottered around with her red car and ball.  What freedom this gate offers to our outdoor activities!  Of course there are lots of fun times to be had with the other children in the street so we wont lock her in the backyard all the time.


Eva discovers the new gate




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