I’m finding this age a little challenging.  Nearly 2, walking confidently, comprehending all that I say but with no words to express herself finds Eva very frustrated at times.  Today I thought that we would go for a nice walk together around the neighbourhood for Eva to do some exploring.  Instead of an enjoyable walk I spent most of the time explaining the it wasn’t safe to climb on the gutter on the busy road and that it wasn’t ok to enter every house that had steps to climb them.  Of course these discussions led to Eva flinging herself to the ground with noise and tears.  Distraction helps until the next obstacle arrives.  Needless to say a return home was in order.

Not long after the return home we played the identify Mama’s facial features which soon turned into Eva wanting to poke her fingers into my nose, mouth and ears.  Much laughing ensued and I remembered how much fun she can be.  I love those moments when she comes up to me with a book or toy and turns herself around to sit in my lap and command my attention.  I love the moments when she is uncertain about her next move and looks around and holds her hand up for my help.  Some days it’s just hard to focus on the great stuff when the challenging stuff is ever-present.  We are both learning and practicing every day.

As a very exciting part of the day today Emma visited us.  Emma, my cousin and bridesmaid, just moved to Melbourne with her husband Luke from Perth.  It is so exciting to have them here.  Eva really enjoyed having a new person to play with.


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