A New Life


Coming In May



It’s with much joy that we announce that we will welcome a new member of our family in May next year.  We have been blessed with another life to bear and celebrate.  Of course the plan is to welcome this new person when they are a lovely bouncing full term baby.

I have been feeling well but very tired.  I guess growing a baby and toddler wrangling will make the exhaustion feel bone numbing.  Thus I have been having day time naps instead of writing blogs or uploading photos which makes me sad but it is just essential for now.

Pregnancy post an extreme preterm baby is proving to be an interesting experience to say the least.  We are having to keep everything in perspective as our dreams of a low intervention pregnancy are outweighed by the desire for intervention to keep this baby inside for longer.

Warning the following may be too much information.  Tomorrow (Monday 8th) I will have a cervical stitch put in.  You can read more about it here.  Basically the aim is to put a stitch in now to prevent early dilation of my cervix.  With Eva’s labour I didn’t present as a typical incompetent cervix but as the obstetrician put it we will never really know and do we want to risk finding out?

At our first appointment at 11 weeks the obstetrician discussed the stitch which I went into the appointment not wanting.  I was thinking that maybe something like progesterone pessaries which are being trailed for prevention of preterm labour.  The obstetrician wasn’t convinced that there was adequate evidence that they would be enough for me.  Coming home from this appointment I did lots of research (using Dr Google) and read about people’s experiences on forums and came to realise that maybe the stitch would be the best option for us given the risks involved with preterm birth.

Between the appointments at 11 and 14 weeks my cervix on the ultrasound scan had shortened from 58mm to 48mm which wasn’t too concerning at this stage but it is always a possibility that it could shorten drastically in the next few weeks.  There is always the thought as well that many women could spend their entire pregnancy with a shortened cervix and carry to full term.  However shortening is a key warning sign for preterm labour.

Having the stitch gives me between an 80-90% chance of reaching 37 weeks so we figure that they are pretty good odds.  Of course there is lots of time between now and then so we shall just have to wait.  The stitch will be quite embedded to reduce the risk of infection to this foreign body during the pregnancy.  The plan is to remove the stitch between 34-36 weeks which means that even if I go into labour then the baby will be in a much better position than Eva was.  There are also risks during the procedure tomorrow, mostly to the baby not me.  We have spent time praying for safety for our new baby and will place the baby’s safety in God and the doctors hands tomorrow.  We know that God is holding this baby safely in the palm of his hand so we are at peace with our decision.

The stitch will be placed with a spinal anaesthetic and I will stay in hospital overnight.  Hopefully I will see Eva sometime in the evening otherwise I will be in withdrawal with longer than 24 hours away from her.  It will also be the longest she has ever been without a breastfeed and she is in the process of cutting her last molar (of this set).  My mum has been able to fly in from Canberra today to help out with Eva this week which is a great blessing as I will be on bed rest for a few days.

We ask for your prayers for tomorrow.  We have faith that this baby is strong and can face the challenge of tomorrow.  Stay tuned for an update in the coming days.

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4 thoughts on “A New Life

  1. Lovely news and I am so pleased that you are having the stitch – my daughter had two preterm babies at the same stage as Eva and had a stitch for the third, which resulted in a lovely healthy boy, so will keep you in my prayers. Ruth and Bob must be delighte4d that 2 more grandchildren are on the way. Love to you all, Beryl

  2. By now you will have had the procedure and we so hope all is well. It was lovely to hear you are expecting again also Alison & Matt. Take care you will be in our prayers as you move through the next few months.

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