Home Again Safe and Sound

I am home again safe and sound with a very wriggly baby in my tummy.

Warning: This may be too much information! Monday’s procedure went very well with a combination of a Shirodkar/McDonald stitch.  There is 5 loops around my cervix with a permanent suture with the knots at the top closest to the uterus.  To embed the knots in the wall of the vagina small incisions were made then stitched back over with the knots inside with dissolvable sutures.  This is to help prevent infection.  The stitch is one that can be cut around 34-36 weeks.  The whole procedure took just 30 minutes including putting in the spinal anaesthetic!  It’s a really weird not to be able to feel anything from waist down.  Once the anaesthetist found out that I was a nurse she also gave me some midazolam to slightly sedate me.  She offered me more during the procedure but I was enjoying listening to the surgeon describing the procedure.

I was away from Andrew for 2 hours in total after arriving at the hospital at 6.30am I went through at 11am and was on the ward by 1pm. I thought that it was all fairly efficient but it was strange being the patient in the process knowing how the system works.

After a light lunch I dozed while Andrew went home to pick up Eva and Mum.  Eva really didn’t enjoy seeing me in the hospital but I was selfish and wanted to see her.  I got a little cuddle from her right at the end but only with Daddy’s iPad to play with as bribery.

Andrew came back in the evening to sit with me.  I slept awfully of course being on a plastic mattress and under the air conditioning.  The nurses were great at letting me sleep and only came in when I called them.  I was on bed rest for the night which did get a little tiresome by 6am when I was sick of the bed and the luxury of a catheter.  Luckily the morning staff negotiated with the doctors for a shower early on so that was a relief.  Although I found that I was ready to get back into the bed that I had despised soon after the shower!  I am really ready for my bed tonight.

I had some periods of cramping overnight and today but not much bleeding which was a relief.  We waited a while to see the medical staff who didn’t come until 2.30 this afternoon.  However they did bring with them the scanner so that we could check on the baby’s well being.  The small person inside has a strong heartbeat and was wriggling non stop during the brief scan.  Andrew says the baby must take after me!

Thank you all for your prayers, we feel very blessed.  Now I just have to convince Eva that Mummy is having a restful few days and that Nanny is the person to play with.  My next appointment is in a week’s time by then I’ll have a 2-year-old!


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