The Last Day of One

Today is Eva’s last day of being One!  We will have a two-year-old come sunrise in the morning.  Today Eva has been very busy with a very patient Nanny.  Nanny was doing some gardening and Eva was enjoying helping with her own gardening tools.  You can just imagine how helpful she was!

I was fortunate enough to be resting lots today with all of us having a midday sleep to catch up.  Eva was quite tolerant of me lying down a lot however by the evening all she wanted was Mummy.  Andrew and I found it quite strange that on Monday I was on bed rest just like the same date 2 years ago when we were waiting for Eva.  Andrew tells me that this is definitely the last pregnancy that he can survive!

Marta, our 84-year-old neighbour, dropped in a delicious looking chocolate mud cake and Jill, our 70-year-old neighbour, dropped in a hand made giraffe toy for Eva. We live in such a friendly street.


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