Eva Turns Two

Today our precious little girl turned two.  How delightful it was to see her enjoy the day remember how she has changed so much.  From the moment I got her up this morning she was gorgeous and didn’t take long to learn to sing “Happy Birthday” along with us.

We were busy with Skype phone calls and discovering gifts before breakfast then busy afterwards still playing.  I guess it was all the fuss but she really seemed to know it was a special day today.  We went to Gran and Pop’s for lunch today with Nathaniel there to celebrate as well.  Eva enjoyed “party lunch” today including sausage rolls, fairy bread and cake.  The chocolate mud cake was a bit rich but it didn’t stop her shoveling it in.

In the evening when Andrew came home Eva continued to enjoy her gifts including the baby doll that we gave her.   I was so excited to find a doll with less toxins and so pleased that she enjoyed it.

I think that she had a fabulous day and so did we.  It wasn’t anywhere near as emotional as last year which is to be expected and was a welcome relief. It is just amazing to see how much she is changing what feel like every day right now.  Her language is really coming along now with her trying to repeat most of what we say.  Her spontaneous words list is 27 most of which only we can understand of course!

We look forward to what the year ahead has in store for us as Eva continues to grow and develop.


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