A Marnie/Bump Update

After a week of lovely rest and taking life slowly I visited to obstetrician again.  He declared that he was very happy with the procedure and that all is looking good.  Great news is that I am back to normal (just pregnancy restricted) activity level and he doesn’t need to see me until the week before Christmas.  Here I was dreading having to park and toddler wrangle whilst waiting every fortnight and I get a reprieve.

I did test positive for Group B Strep (as with Eva).  Group B Streptococcus is a bug that I carry but it doesn’t affect me however it can cause infection in a newborn with transfer  in utero or during labour.  Hopefully we can avoid any complications from this tricky bug.

I now just have to stay well and enjoy these next few non-medical weeks.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for the procedure last week they were much appreciated.


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