A 10kg Miracle!

Eva weighs 10kg now which we think is a big milestone.

In honour of such a fabulous gain and achievement Eva and I baked a celebratory cake.  She had a cake for each kilo up to 5kg so I thought 10kg was a worthy celebration.

We had another review with Dr Dan a neonatal paediatrician.  He was very complementary about Eva’s progress since our last visit in September.  Dr Dan was delighted with Eva’s development and agreed that the gap was closing on her 3 months age difference to her due date. Eva demonstrated her comprehension and language skills.  Her word list has expanded to about 70 in the past 3 weeks.  She is even starting to string two words together occasionally.

We talked about her skin and the eczema flare ups.  Dr Dan agrees that it is most likely food related but also could be environmental.  Thus Eva is visiting a paediatric allergist and immunologist to have an assessment to see if there are foods/allergens that we should be avoiding.  I am pleased about this step as her behaviour is worse than normal when she has flare ups and I don’t want her to feel awful unnecessarily.  I guess we will know more about this after December 22nd.

Today on her physical assessment Eva passed with flying colours.  Although both her ear drums were red but not enough to be concerned re infection.  She has been eating so well lately that I figured that she would weigh in over 10kg. I am thankful that I only have a small toddler to pick up now that I am getting bigger.

Eva’s next follow-up is in the growth and development clinic at the hospital around the time of her due date (end of February) then with Dr Dan in May.  When the receptionist wrote out the May appointment I realised that we will have another small person to bring along by then!


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