Oh Christmas Tree

This past weekend we brought home and decorated a real Christmas Tree.  Thus far it has been a fun experience.  Firstly Andrew had to go back to the Scouts without us (and the car seat) to fit the tree in.  Then we needed to add to our ornament collection and then we were able to start decorating.  We have a few decorations from our overseas travels and only wish that there were more purchased as souvenirs.

It was a little strange to be playing Christmas music and instilling a pine tree in your  lounge room whilst it is hot outside but we persisted anyway.  Eva was very good at helping Daddy by handing the decorations with only a few on the lower half coming off and on several times.  Thus far she hasn’t shown much interest in it which is a relief to me (I had imagined redecorating each night).  I am becoming used to the fresh pine smell, watering daily and collecting pine needles nightly.  Our tree is still lacking a star but I am working on that!

Last year we decorated a tree in Thame with Jackie and Tony with the world outside blanketed in snow. A different feel this year especially as this is our first Christmas in our home.


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