A Halfway There Update

Baby Hodges 20 weeks

We are now halfway into our pregnancy.  Now that I have hit the 20’s in terms of weeks I am starting to have some moments of anxiety about the following 4 weeks.  I find it so easy to reflect on this period in Eva’s pregnancy.  We had just had a lovely few weeks of visiting here in Australia (home from Bristol) and headed to Bangkok to be tourists for a few days.  Andrew felt Eva kick for the first time at this stage.  We were just starting to enjoy the thought of becoming parents.  I am glad to be busy for the next few weeks and hope to remain positive.

Tuesday was a busy day for us with an ultrasound and obstetrician appointment.  The 20 week anatomy check ultrasound took a long time with a very diligent sonographer checking our baby very thoroughly (except for gender which we didn’t want to know).  All measurements match to the dates that we are going by which is very reassuring.  She took a long time trying to view the blood flow around the heart after checking the anatomy.  She wasn’t totally happy with her views so a senior doctor came in to check after a wait in the busy waiting room with us wanting just to check quickly to be sure all was well.  The senior doctor quickly assured us that all was well with the major vessels of the heart. My cervix looked fine which is good news however I have a low lying, anterior placenta.  This means that the placenta is currently positioned near the cervix (but not across it) and is on the front side of my belly.  I have a 90% chance that the placenta will migrate upwards as the baby grows so I am positive that this will not lead to any further trickiness!  I will have a repeat scan at 34 weeks to check the placenta’s placement.

The obstetrician visit was rather brief (which was nice after the long scan appointment). It was a different consultant today as the senior doctor was busy.  This consultant had no personality or seeming enthusiasm for his job. He palpated the baby and listened to the heartbeat with the doppler.  He was a little nervous about my short trip coming up in January and wants me to take it easy.  I need to present to hospital immediately with any bleeding with the placenta in this position.  He sent tests off to check for a urine infection and to check for group b strep (GBS).  If I am still positive for GBS he would like to consider the use of antibiotics for the remainder of the pregnancy given that the risk of infection to the stitch is ever present.  We’ll just have to wait and see on this one.

I have also developed carpel tunnel syndrome.  This is a swelling around the nerves of the wrist causing tingling, pain and numbness.  Over the past two weeks it has become increasingly painful to sleep with the pain in my right hand waking me up at night. I just put it down to tight neck muscles and was trying my best to stretch them and using heat packs.  Treatment is physiotherapy and a night splint.  The night splint is fantastic and has really helped me to sleep.  My hand is still tingling and weak in the morning but it is a huge improvement.  The good news is that because it has developed during pregnancy it should be finite with symptoms disappearing post birth when hormone and fluid levels return to normal.

As I write this the little person inside is rolling around (clearly appreciating tonight’s dinner).  It’s been so nice to feel movements and also to have Andrew feel them sooner this pregnancy.  It’s just so amazing to marvel at the fact that there is a real baby growing inside me.  God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.


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