Grass, that’s all

Eva had an appointment with a paediatric allergist and immunologist this week.  We came away finding out that she is allergic to a type of grass and that’s all.  After Dr Dean took her history Eva had a skin prick test on her back for just a few things, none of them food.  The only positive was a grass pollen.

This is great news but it means that her eczema is not food related as I had previously thought.  Dr Dean feels that Eva’s eczema is related to heat and irritation from clothes or pollens.  Dr Dean also doesn’t believe that the specific rash in a circle on her bottom that appears occasionally nor the behaviour that goes with it is food intolerance related.

Dr Dean gave us an action plan for Eva’s eczema which entails bleach baths (white king in a bath for 5 minutes) and several prescription creams.  Luckily it is rarely desperate enough that we will need these measures.  Our basic daily measures of olive oil in the bath and lathering with moisturiser have seen great improvement over the past few months so we will continue with that.  It will be interesting to see how Eva’s skin goes over the heat of the Summer months (if that heat ever comes!).

Thus there is no diet restrictions and we we will have surprised Dr Dan who referred us who said that with her skin type she surely has multiple intolerances/allergies!  A good result from a very quick test.

As a general update Eva’s speech is rapidly improving with more 2-3 word phrases and lots of parroting of any words or sounds.  Her words are often recognisable to just me and even sometimes I only get them if it is in context.  We had a street party with our neighbours last night and she enjoyed being a social butterfly with the adults as well as playing with the children.  Eva is going through a gorgeous phase of loving a cuddle this past week which is just delightful.  How wonderful to be interrupted from daily life for a cuddle with a 2-year-old.


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