Our Christmas and a Holiday

Andrew, Eva and I really enjoyed a lovely 4 day break together, at home over Christmas.  It was so nice to spend special time together and relax at home.

Christmas Day was busy but most enjoyable.  We were able to wait until Eva woke at her normal time and then check out the Christmas Tree together.  Eva found a Dollshouse complete with furniture and occupants. This Dollshouse was made by my Grandpa nearly 40 years ago for my sister and has since been used by myself and my niece Isabelle.  I spent the week repainting it during Eva’s sleep times which was fun.  So far it is a hit with Eva who enjoys time rearranging the furniture and occupants.

Outside was a swing set created by Daddy and Uncle Nic after sleep time on Christmas Eve.  Of course it is too big for now (silly Mummy and Daddy) but Eva will grow into it!  She can sit on one of the double seats as they are moulded.  It won’t be long until she is attempting to climb onto it herself!

After some phone calls to my family in Adelaide and Canberra we went to Church.  The service was a lovely celebration and full of joyous music.  Eva really enjoyed all the singing although there was so sitting still for her.

Family lunch with the Hodges’ was delightful and filling of course.  After lunch we headed home for a sleep for all of us.

Our evening was a gathering of 25 of the Heazlewood Family (Andrew’s Mother’s Family) which was hectic and full of yummy food and chatting.

As I said the next few days were wonderful with us spending lovely time with family, extended and just on our own.

Now we are about to go to bed instead of seeing the New Year in as we are off on a holiday early in the morning.  We are looking forward to a very relaxing time with lots of beach outings and reading (me) and photobook making (Andrew).  Stay tuned for some changes here at Eva’s Story in the New Year.  We are looking forward to a fantastic 2011 where we will get to know the new addition to our family.

I do hope that everyone is enjoying their New Year’s celebrations and looking forward to a great 2011.


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