25 Weeks

The most pregnant that I have ever been

Here we are at the magical 25 week mark with a baby growing happily inside.  It’s been hard not to focus on the countdown to this day.  Since last Sunday, the same gestation that I went into labour with Eva, I keep focusing on how this baby is already so different and so blessed.  Luckily it has been an uneventful week in terms of no twinges or anything to make me worry.  I have been visualising having a big full term baby put on my chest after birth to give my body and mind lots of positive vibes.  I have been quite distracted and haven’t been sleeping well.  I do hope that it improves soon!  Andrew says that my pregnancy brain has been a little worse this week.

This week I have had my carpel tunnel diagnosed as severe which means that it has been around for longer than this pregnancy and has just been exacerbated instead of a new case.  Really the only options for me are physio and acupuncture along with wearing the splints.  If it doesn’t improve post partum I may need to consider surgery to release the pressure and to prevent permanent damage to the nerves and muscles.  In the meantime I just get used to waking up in pain.  Oh the joys of pregnancy.

This week the chiropractor suggested a back support belt so I was chuckling to myself yesterday while doing the shopping with splints and the belt on looking rather incapacitated.  My fingers have swollen to the point of my needing to remove my rings and replace them with another bigger ring.  All these new things to remind me that this pregnancy is different to Eva’s.

I had an obstetrician appointment on Tuesday will a good report all round.  Nothing showed up on tests from the previous appointment and the urine specimen this week looks clear (a reassurance for my mental health this week).  Good blood pressure and baby measuring perfectly.  The ultrasound report was online so the doctor could confirm that although the placenta is low the implantation point is in the upper part so it’s a good chance off moving safely out of the way.

Today Eva lay down on my belly as we talked about the baby with her for the first time really. It was a beautiful moment for all of us!

From this point everything is a blessing to us although I can’t envisage this pregnancy making it to full term maybe this baby and my body will surprise me!


A Beach Holiday

We are home safely from our beach holiday but I have felt tired this week so have failed to have the motivation to write. We enjoyed going to the beach all but 2 days due to bad weather.  Overall we had more sunny days than rainy ones for which we are very thankful given the awful weather surrounding us.

Eva travelled in her car seat on the plane for both journeys.  As she is now 2 we had to buy her a seat but as she is only 10kg she is unsafe in a lap belt.  Jetstar were happy for us to use her car seat.  We are pleased to report that she sat wonderfully still in the seat both ways!

Eva loved the sand and the waves, it was magical to watch her explore and discover the beach. Putting her fingers in crab holes, collecting shells and pebbles and especially digging sand with Daddy.  We were just delighted to see Eva’s confidence with water include the waves.  Mostly she was happy to stand in the breaking waves on her own except the last few days when the waves were bigger and stronger than previously.  The beach was such amazing exercise for her which burnt up any food energy that we managed to get into her!








We lived in a relatively quiet beach house this year with the maximum during our stay being 16 adults and 5 children. We take turns to cook an evening meal which is just a lovely break from home routine for me. It’s amazing how much food the household can consume in a 24 hour period with daily shopping trips required.

Our friends Bridget and Ryan who were on holiday in Brisbane from Broken Hill, kindly drove down to visit us.  We didn’t get to the beach together due to the rain but we did manage a trip to Byron Bay and to the most Easterly point of mainland Australia during a break in the weather.  Eva wasn’t in the best of form that day with ear-piercing screaming when Mummy went out of sight (ie to the toilet) and multiple tantrums on the walk to enjoy the most Easterly point!  The joys of a 2-year-old.

Eva cut a new tooth making her set complete (until the 2 year molars).  She was a bit grumpy and kept Gran and Pop up and down at nights.  She only wanted Mummy during the day which put paid to my plan of having lots of quiet time!  The humidity made for lovely curls which were fun to run our hands through.

In our second week we watched the rolling news coverage of the floods that tore through Queensland and Northern New South Wales. And heard briefly about floods that killed over 600 in Brazil. This news did make us all reflect on just how lucky we are to be safe and well.  Nothing like listening to other’s stories to remind you of the fact that human life is just priceless and possessions are replaceable.  Our good friends Lauren, Scott, Ashlea, Sophie and Max had their house flooded in Toowoomba and are just beginning to piece their lives back together.  Please keep them in your prayers.