The Neighbourhood House

Yesterday Eva went to Occasional Care at our local Neighbourhood House for the first time.  Neighbourhood Houses “are local organisations that provide social, educational and recreational activities for their communities” run by a voluntary committee.  Koonung Cottage is just a 10 minute walk from us.

Eva went for 3 hours with 13 other children and 3 carers.  She was more than happy for me to leave her and apparently didn’t look for me at all.  She does go to the creche at the gym and also at church so I knew that she would be happy to play somewhere.  However the last time that I had left her at church and the gym she cried when I left.  Thus I was nervous about her staying there for such a long time but of course I shouldn’t have worried.

I could see that Eva had access to playdough, painting, drawing, books, dolls, blocks and of course an outside area.

I was stuck at the hospital at my appointment so Gran went to collect her and the carers said that Eva kept herself busy all the time and didn’t look for anyone to comfort her.

Hopefully Eva will keep enjoying this fun time while I attend appointments and perhaps even clean the house (or just sleep).



A Fresh Start

We have decided to start a new blog, Our Fields of Gold.  It is time that we branched out from Eva’s Story which we started in November 2008 at the time of her birth.

Now our family is about to expand and here is the place where I will be writing about our adventures and tales.  Hopefully you will enjoy the journey too.

I will keep this blog updated with Eva’s developmental posts so that it is a complete story and hopefully is a good resource to people who head this way.