Growth and Development Clinic

Last week Eva and I attended the Growth & Development clinic at the Mercy Hospital.  This coincided with her 2 year corrected age which was last Friday (25th).  At the clinic she was seen by a Paediatrician and a Psychologist.

Dr Anne the Paediatrician was the first to assess Eva.  Lots of the assessment was asking me to confirm the milestones that Eva was up to.  It gave me  a good chance to reflect on what Eva is doing these days.  All the time Eva was throwing the toys out of the box, attempting to escape out the door and raiding her bag for snacks.  Never a still moment did she have!

Eva’s physical assessment came out just fine.  Eva was so good and sat still for everything, including her blood pressure which I thought that she would be concerned about.  We are excited that Eva now weighs 11.05kg (which only took her 2 months to gain a kilo this time) and has shot up 3cm to 84cm.  Several people had commented on her height change so I wasn’t surprised. You can still see her spine and ribs but she is healthy.  I find that Eva is having weeks of immense hunger then weeks of less than average eating.  So I guess that it all balances out in the end.

Dr Anne was happy with Eva’s 2 year old assessment and will write us a full report soon.  Dr Anne just wants us to keep going as we are.  The next Paediatrician visit is in May with Dr Dan so we have a big break now.

I have written about the visit with the Psychologist in a separate post as it is a bit longer.


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