A Dr Dan Visit

Eva had a 2 1/2 year appointment with the paediatrician, Dr Dan, this week.  The first thing that he noticed was how much her hair had grown in 6 months.  And it really has.  It is looking so cute with curls now.  Some have suggested that it is due for a cut so that she can see at all times.  However we are not ready for that drastic measure yet.  It has taken her body so long to have the energy to grow hair we value it highly.

Dr Dan did a physical assessment of Eva and couldn’t find any issues. Eva sat on the scales  which read 11.455kg a 1.265kg increase in 6 months.  This still finds her just above the 10th centile for weight.  Her height has zoomed from 81cm to 88cm which is between the 25th and 50th centile.  Thus she is quite disproportionate in height and weight.  This is evident in her clothes where she needs size 2 for the length but it swims on her.

Dr Dan graciously agreed to a have his photo taken with Eva whom he has looked after since our return to Australia 15 months ago and Hugo who he looked after immediately after birth.

Overall he had nothing much to comment on and will be happy to see us again when Eva turns 3. How nice it is to have a positive review for our Eva.


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