Flossing for a 2-year-old!

Eva has been for her 6 monthly dental check.  As with all medical checks Eva lay quietly and allowed the Dentist check her teeth.  This is the first time that she has sat in the chair herself and I forgot to capture it in a photo.  She looked so cute with her sunglasses on lying back on the examination chair.

The Dentist couldn’t see any decay around the areas of weakness on Eva’s front 4 teeth, caused by a lack of enamel formation at 25 weeks, which is the main reason we go.  However she rated her oral hygiene as “Fair” and grumpily told me that I need to improve the brushing.  At this point I guessed that she doesn’t have children because if she did she may realise that some days “Fair” is the best I can do when Eva is refusing to have her teeth brushed at all!

The Dentist followed this up with the recommendation that we floss Eva’s teeth nightly!  I just about laughed in her face but realised that this may have offended her as she was very serious.  Of course it’s hard to say that this would be difficult at home while Eva is lying very still letting the Dentist floss her teeth (sedated by the tv directly above her head on the ceiling).

To Andrew’s credit he has managed to floss her teeth nightly (without tv sedation) and hopefully improve the teeth brushing.  I am hoping to improve our score to “Good” at the next visit in January!


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