Where does all the food go?

Most days Eva eats lots and I am certainly wondering where all the food goes seeing as today’s weigh in didn’t demonstrate that it goes into her fat layer!

Today was our final appointment with Dr Dan the paediatrician who has been seeing Eva as a follow up for her prematurity.

As always Dr Dan was delightful, relaxed and positive.  Of course he noted Eva’s amazing forward steps since his last review in May.  Eva willingly demonstrated her verbal skills including the constant questions.  Like asking what the blood was on the picture of a newborn baby on a poster!

Dr Dan was impressed with her competence with toilet training.  Eva was pleased to be able to tell him that she is a “big girl, in big girl undies”.

The physical examination was positive with only slight concern about marginal scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine) that will either resolve or become an issue in adolescence. Certainly nothing to worry about now.

As I suspected her weight gain was nothing to celebrate.  I had been concerned about her slow gain even more so when she has had the flu this past week and lived on only the air that she breathed!  Today’s weight was 11.885kg only a 430g increase in 6 months.  Dr Dan wasn’t too concerned.  He thinks that she is just going to remain tall and thin into her teenage years.  I think that she is blessed with her Dad’s metabolism on top of her prematurity.

Overall I tend to be more relaxed about her food intake realising that toddlerhood is busy and exploring is far more important to a small person than eating.  However I have been anxious leading up to this weigh in.  I guess that feeling never goes away!

Of course her height has increased to 92.5cm (up from 88.3cm) so her growing energy is clearly going into making her tall. This puts her near the 50th percentile for height and the 10th percentile for weight making her disproportionate.  This is evident in her clothes where the 18 month clothes fit her except for length!

Dr Dan listened with interest re the food sensitivities that we have discovered and the improvements in her behaviour, digestive system and eczema.  (I really will try to get the post about food up here soon!)  He agreed that trusting our instinct and avoiding foods that cause her trouble is the best.  Also that she will most likely grow out of it if her body mass ever increases!

Dr Dan was thrilled with her overall progress and doesn’t need to see her anymore.  She will attend the growth and development clinic in 18 months time but that’s all.

For the first time ever I saw Eva anxious about visiting the doctor.  Normally she is the best patient.  I’m sure it is related to her recent immunisation at the GP which must have really hurt and is that first that time she can verbalise and recall the event in words.

Dr Dan is also interested in Hugo seeing as he was present at his birth.  Poor Hugo is feeling very rotten today with a flu bug but was a good boy while Eva was having attention lavished on her.

After these appointments Andrew and I are always grateful for where Eva is now considering where she came from.  It’s never hard to recall the feeling of watching over her as her heart rate dropped and to remember that feeling of when I first let myself believe that one day I might take her home with me.  Now she’s just a toddler in full flight enjoying life.


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