In Her Big Girl Bed

Eva is so excited to show you her big girl bed

Waiting for us in the morning

The transition of Eva from her cot to a bed took place last weekend with much excitement from Eva and a little trepidation from her mama.  All worries were unfounded as she has happily stayed put in her bed for all her day and night sleeps so far.

I am glad that we waited until now, it has been just magical timing.  We were fortunate that Eva never tried to climb out of her cot (she wore a sleeping bag tied closed) and as Hugo was sleeping in our room, we had the luxury of waiting.  I very much wanted to keep her sleeping settled as we welcomed a new baby and that paid off.

We have a clear day sleep and bedtime routine which we very, very rarely deviate from. Simply because that is what works for us. Thus the routine has only changed slightly and it’s all very familiar.

We also had a star chart for staying in her bed to wait for us to come to her.  She has already had a reward from the chart and now it has been put away as her behaviour is so positive.

She looks so grown up now taking up a small space at the top of a big bed. Here is the one of the last sleeps in her cot just so that I can remember a space that she slept in for so long.

Cuddling Sleepy Teddy

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