A Dentist Visit

Yesterday Eva had a repeat dental visit.  She did very well, happily sat up in the big chair by herself wearing her spiffy sunglasses.  Eva did question why she needed a bib.

The dentist declared her dental hygiene good instead of the fair that we were graded as last time!  The dentist was much more realistic about the flossing this time understanding that the battle isn’t sometimes worth it.  Also this time Eva is older and more receptive to Dr Karen telling her that flossing is important to keep her teeth healthy.

One of her baby molars has come through with a deficient enamel coating (like her front 4 teeth) most likely due to her premature birth.  Thus we have to put a calcium rich tooth moose on it, as well as the others, to keep the cavities away.

We have a follow-up in 6 months time to keep a check on those special teeth.


Rest Time

Sleepy Teddy is an essential ingredient

I am sitting here listening to Eva sing “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” as she lies in her bed for rest time.  The era of daily 2.5 hour sleeps is over.

Mummy is a little sad about this however I can see that developmentally she is not needing the big sleep and is consolidating on her night sleep with a consistent 12-13 hours overnight.

Eva is now having a rest in her bed of 40 minutes if she doesn’t fall asleep.  The 40 minutes is marked with a timer and she happily gets up and comes out after the timer goes.  After her rest she is more than happy to sit next to me and do drawing as I “work” on the computer and is becoming quite good at independent play.

Of course it is also fun to have one-on-one time with Eva to do activities that aren’t suited to having a crawling baby around.  So it is a blessing to have this time.

I find that the rest time is enough time for both of us to recharge batteries and have a break from each other.  I need that time to not answer any questions and just have thinking time all to myself.  It gets me through to bedtime as a happy mummy.

About 1-2 times per week she does end up falling asleep but I do make a lot of noise around her room at the 1.5 hour mark or else evening bedtime becomes a very dragged out affair with an energy filled girl.

Eva’s day sleeps have been such a wonderfully refreshing time for me and she has been very gentle in her giving up of them so we are both ready now.  I just have to learn to make the most of my 40 minutes of child free daylight hours!