Eva’s New Adventure

Today marks an exciting day for Eva and our family as she joins the schooling system in which she will spend a large part of the next 15 years!

Eva has begun 3-year-old pre-school (kinder) for 2 sessions of 2.5 hours per week.  Of course she has been looking forward to the start of pre-school, frequently talking about playing on the playground and painting, obviously her two favourite activities!

Today she dashed straight to the painting easels and was content to stand there and layer as much paint as possible onto her page.  This was followed closely by pasting, then play dough and the home corner where she fed the baby doll some cake.  Then it was rest time on the beanbag to read (5) books to which the teacher, Emily, commented that we must like books.  A few puzzles and then it was time for pack up and mat time to listen to a story.

I will admit that I could probably do these activities with her at home but I am looking forward to someone else answering the questions for 5 hours a week.  It will also be fun to spend time with my precious boy just the two of us.  We are thankful that 3-year-old kinder exists in Victoria to entertain and extend Eva this year. It will certainly give shape and routine to our week, especially given that she starts at 8.45am!

I was going to use the pram and have Eva scooter there but I have quickly realised that it is too far for her at this stage.  Thus I have seconded Andrew’s Christmas present (the trailer or “caravan” as Eva calls it) and I rode to Kinder.  My legs noticed that I was pulling an extra 32kg behind me!

It was a fun day and tomorrow Eva is there on her own without the paparazzi mama in the way!


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