A Year On – Easter

A Year On – Easter

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Easter 2010

We celebrated this most important weekend with Andrew’s family at Sorrento on the coast south of Melbourne. The house was buzzing with activity from 7 adults, 3 children and 2 dogs. The early morning Easter Egg hunt was made even earlier thanks to daylight savings time change on Sunday morning!

Eva really enjoyed all the attention that she was lavished by the adults, her cousins and the dogs.  No cranky times when there is always someone to give you a cuddle or read a book.  Eva didn’t sleep well at night but it must be hard to be in a strange place and back in the same room as us.

The food was fantastic and most especially we all took turns to cook and clean up which does make it a relaxing break.  Us girls went to the Red Hill Craft Market on Easter Saturday (as did MANY others) where Eva slept in the sling while we admired the many clever people’s crafts. Oh the lovely baby clothes that I saw!

Amelia (5) organised us to create Easter Bonnets on Saturday afternoon which was lots of fun.  It is a long time since I have had a chance to enjoy choosing, designing painting and sticking pipecleaners, paper, polystyrene eggs and glitter.  All the adults and children were very creative and Amelia awarded us all prizes.  Of course we won a chocolate egg which was just a small part of the lovely array of chocolates that we enjoyed over the weekend.

Andrew and I went to Mass at the Sorrento Catholic Church for Easter Sunday and it was literally overflowing.  The priest was very jovial and candid about the amount of people who turned up for his Easter Mass.  He reminded us of Father Peter who married us.  It was a simple celebration of a very special day.

My mum was in Adelaide with Gram who had just had the cataract removed from her second eye and is recovering well.

Three Girls and A Boy

Last Friday Eva and I hosted a lunch at our house where there were 3 girls and a boy.  Hallie and Ella are 11 months and Joshua is 7 months.  Along with their mums Lisa, Cathy and Alison we shared lunch together at our first (non-family) social gathering at our house.

Eva was just so excited to show her friends around the house.  Excitedly going up to each of them at their arrival to chat about being here.  She then attempted to get them to follow her in a circuit of the house.  The girls are all mobile and cruising the furniture.  They all had to be in the same place and the same time of course. Thus the photo of them all visiting me above.

Poor Joshua is thinking about crawling but in the meantime seems to get targeted by the girls who are trying to be friendly of course but still need to learn about gentle.  Just wait to he can move girls!

It was a fun day where Eva and I enjoyed having people at our house and sharing yummy food too.  It is great to socialise with a group of mums who are all still breastfeeding and happy to share tips and hints and babyrearing!

Eva is poorly again

Eva has another viral infection and she is very sad. Saturday night Eva was up for several hours being miserable and unconsolable.  It didn’t seem to be teething pain so I was a little concerned but she didn’t feel like she had a temperature.  Sunday morning when she got up she was very hot and lethargic.

At church she was still hot after paracetamol and listless, she sat on Gran’s knee without wriggling to get down to crawl which is most unusual.  After church I took her to the doctors as I was worried about her. Eva’s temperature was 38.8°C and she let the doctor examine her ears, throat and chest with no protest, most unlike her.  The doctor did think that it looked like a viral illness but her right ear and throat were red and inflammed so he started her on antibiotics again.  After coming home Eva slept for 3.5 hours which gave me a chance to catch up on sleep also. Daddy enjoyed watching the very fast and noisy cars drive in the Formula One Grand Prix which made him very happy.

Last night was better with lots of waking but she was easily settled with a breastfeed.  We need to watch her urine output too which has been down due to her temperature.  Today has been an improvement but she hasn’t slept well.  Sadly she isn’t eating well

These episodes always bring up my guilt for having given birth to Eva so early. Andrew tries to console me by saying that lots of children get sick but I do feel that her frequent illness is due to her prematurity.  Of course we always have to remember how amazing her overall health and development is for a 25-weeker.  We are truly blessed.