Andrew is 34!

On Wednesday we celebrated Andrew’s birthday.  Eva even woke up super early calling Dada to make sure that she saw him before he left.  It was good for them to be able to have a birthday cuddle at the start of the day. Andrew went out for breakfast with his work colleagues as a great start to a birthday.  Alison made him some Red Velvet Cupcakes to take into work for morning tea so he was a very popular birthday boy with everyone drooling over these new creations.

In the evening we celebrated with Andrew’s family at his parents’ home.  The cousins all enjoyed spending time together playing with lots of giggling.  Eva always enjoys a visit to see Rosie (the dog). We had a delicious dinner which was topped off with an iPad Birthday Cake.

It was a delicious white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache and cookies and creme filling with an edible iPad image.

We had a fun evening completed with two families squeezing into a 7 seater car for the 20 min journey home.  With the three car seats it required Alison and Andrew to be in the small seats in the boot.  I wished that I had taken a photo!

Andrew and I reflected on his birthday 9 years ago when I caught the Eurostar from a very wet Bastille Day parade in Paris to London to meet up with him for take away dinner.  What fun memories.

The past fortnight has been hectic and hopefully I will be able to catch up soon.  We are off to Sorrento for the weekend with Srijana and Lokraj (our Nepali host family).  It’s going to be fun.