Day 31 – Thursday December 11th 2008

It is Eva’s 1 month birthday today!  So much has happened in the past month yet it seems to have gone so quickly.  Eva seems to be growing today as she slept through all of Nanny’s visit.

So close today at 995g!  Daddy may have to bake tomorrow.  Eva is up to 14mls every 2 hours.  If she continues to go well she will go up to 15mls tomorrow.  Occasionally she has trouble after the feed with reflux and it causes her breathing and heart rate to vary but mostly she is doing ok.

Andrew visited us during his lunch hour (thanks to Nanny the taxi driver) to see us cuddling for Kangaroo Care.  We had a special blanket thanks to Auntie Marie.  Mostly we were just chatting but I did sing a few Christmas Carols like yesterday.  Today the doctor, Ziju, even joined in the humming.   Just after Daddy left Eva did lots of very loud crying and got a bit stressed so had to go back in.  Obviously she likes her Daddy there!

This evening Andrew and I visited Eva and took ink prints of her hands and feet.  Eva was most unhappy about her hands being held still but was fine as soon as we let them go.  We hope to do them again next month to show us how she is growing. Don’t worry we did use a non-toxic ink pad and it did wipe off very easily!

There are several babies who we have been following on this journey.  One of them is Jamie, born at 29 weeks, just a few days after Eva.  He has been doing so well and his mother, Lisa, and I catch up with each other’s progress daily.  Today when they did a scan of Jamie’s head they found that the bleeding in his brain had increased.  Jamie thankfully seems to be stable and when I last spoke to Lisa the doctors were still deciding on a plan for him.  We ask for your prayers for Jamie, Lisa and Mark.

Last night I went to my work Christmas Dinner.  It was strange to be surrounded by people all having lots of fun and relaxing which I found hard to do.  It just seems so surreal when the rest of the world is continuing while Eva is in hospital.  It was lovely to go and feel supported by the staff . Many of them are keenly following Eva’s progress. 

Today (12th in Aus) was Gran & Uncle Nic’s birthdays so Eva sent a special birthday message to them both! We all hope they have a great day!

Thanks to nanny we now have a Christmas Tree which seems to have a significant number of gifts for a new daughter.  What a child will do for Christmas presents!  Andrew has installed flashing multi-coloured lights onto our balcony railing so we are getting into the festive spirit.


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